Trade Union Model Motion: ‘Hungry for Justice’ Fast food rights campaign

Model Motion: ‘Hungry for Justice’ Fast food rights campaign

This union branch/ committee/ executive/ organisation notes:

The upsurge of strikes and protests by fast food workers in the US that saw workers in up to 100 cities taking part. More than half of the US fast food industry’s 3.65 million low paid workers are forced to rely on benefits to top up their income. Some 68 percent of these low paid fast food workers are the main breadwinner in their household, with over a quarter raising children.

The use of unpaid labour and zero hours contracts in the UK by hugely profitable companies across the fast food industry, with mainly young workers often at the mercy of employers. In December 2013, there were 167, 813 workers are employed in the UK take away and fast food restaurants, across 27, 540 businesses with a total revenue of £5 billion.

Fast food chains in UK saw sales rise to a staggering £6.9 billion in 2012. McDonald’s is the leading player in the UK food-service market, accounting for over one-third of sales in 2012 and ranking third in terms of outlets with 13 percent of them, behind Greggs, the leader with an outlet share of 18 percent, and Subway with 16 percent.

Despite the huge profits made by these corporations, the average fast food worker in the UK earns just £5 an hour according to PayScale figures in January 2014.

The launch of the Fast Food Rights campaign on 8 January 2014, supported by John McDonnell MP, the Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union (BFAWU), Unite the Resistance, Youth Fight for Jobs, National Shop Stewards Network and Disabled People Against Cuts. The campaign aims to help ensure workers know their rights, to take on the multinationals that dominate the industry, and to open the door to organising workers into unions. The campaign held a successful launch day of action on 15 February, and has more action planned.

This union branch/ committee/ executive/ organisation believes:

That the multi billion profits of the fast food industry based on the super exploitation of tens of thousands of workers.

That the inspiring resistance of US fast food workers that we are seeing shows what is possible in terms of unionising and organising fast food workers to defend their rights as workers.

This union branch/ committee/ executive/ organisation resolves:

To support the Fast Food Rights campaign’s day of action on Saturday 29 March, raise the issue of justice for fast food workers, and send a delegation with our union banner to the nearest protest.

To publicise the campaign’s days of action and all initiatives by Fast Food Rights amongst our union’s members

•  To build union links with fast food workers, and invite a speaker from Fast Food Rights to speak at our union meeting.

For more info:


Twitter: @FastfoodRights



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