Fast Food Rights campaign actions on 28 Aug and next London planning meeting

Fast Food Rights Glasgow

Fast Food Rights campaigners in Glasgow

Fast Food Rights actions are taking place across the country: Thursday 28 August

Next London planning meeting to plan an action:
Monday 8 September,
At the last Fast Food Rights campaign planning meeting in London on 25 June, we decided to go for actions around the country at the end of the summer, drawing links with the incredible movement of fast food strikes in the US.
Since Fast Food Rights last national day of action on 15 May, which was part of global solidarity with the biggest US fast food strikes yet, the US fast food workers’ struggle took a significant step forwards when they pulled off a country-wide convention with some 1,200 fast food workers with delegations from all over the states.
Here in Britain the campaign, set up in early 2014, is getting off the ground. For example following our last day of action, 27 fast food workers joined up to the union in one city, as well as others signing up from areas across the country.
In late autumn we are planning a national speaking tour with fast food workers from the US to share their experience with fast food workers here. We aim to go for meetings where local Fast Food Rights groups are active. More details to follow.
Actions on Thursday 28 August
(Details are being updated as we get them through):
 4pm onwards, Piccadilly Gardens
4 – 6pm, McDonalds Argyle St
12 – 2pm, McDonalds, Northumberland Street
12 noon, McDonalds at Fargate
5pm, McDonalds on Briggate
12noon, McDonalds on Kirkgate
1.30pm meet at the Buttercross
12noon, McDonalds on Kirkgate –
12noon outside Freshney Place, Victoria St
12noon, McDonalds on Kirkgate
Town Hall Square McDonalds
12 noon, City Centre McDonalds, by Lord Street/ Paradise Street/ Church Street
4 – 7pm, McDonalds

Brighton: 12 noon, Churchill Square

Barnsley ON SAT 30 AUG:
12 noon, KFC
* The next London planning meeting is on Monday 8 September, 6pm
(venue will be confirmed shortly).
At the last London planning meeting in June we discussed making Brixton, Windrush Square, a focus for the next action in London, to link up with others such as the living wage campaign by Ritzy workers. Among any other ideas people have, the meeting on 8 September will be following this up and deciding a date.
If there are any other places with actions planned please let us know so we can get details on the website

Fast Food Rights activists’ pack

Fast Food Rights encourages activists to use the ‘activists’ pack’ of materials (links below) in localities to visit fast food workplaces consistently, aiming to continue to build contact with fast food workers, asking them to join the union and get involved, meeting those interested to discuss the campaign and take part in the next day of action.

Please send copies of all contacts to / so we can ensure they are all followed up.

Fast Food Rights activists’ pack:

Fast Food Rights bulletin 4pp

Fast Food Rights contact card

Fast Food Rights sign up sheet

BFAWU union form for fast food workers

Fast Food Rights Charter A4

Fast Food Rights Step by Step Activists’ Guide

*Attention fast food workers! Interested in the union’s campaign? Or do you have any questions or want to share your experiences at work? Please get in touch via email:


or if you’d prefer to give us a call or text us: 07795 412 932 / 07739 326 003 

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