Mon 22 Sep: Fast Food Rights lobby at Labour Party conference: £10 an hour and union rights… No zero hours!

FFRs action 22 Sep 14 Lab conf lobbyFollowing the TUC’s vote to back the demand for a £10 an hour living wage, Fast Food Rights will be outside the Labour Party conference on Monday 22 September to keep up the pressure.

BFAWU national president Ian Hodson said, “We’re pleased that the TUC has agreed to adopt the £10 an hour demand.

“Our taxes should be used for funding the NHS, education and our welfare state, not to prop up low wages.

“We can have a better society, employers who can should pay a living wage, and those who can’t should get support from the government to do so. But when CEOs are getting paid 150 times more than their employees who are not on living wages, that’s a disgrace.

“The example of the strikes in the US show that it’s possible to fight back”.


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