Wed 13 Jan: Fast Food Rights Protest and Forum with John McDonnell: US and UK workers join forces

BFAWU fast food worker members led the charge for £10 an hour and union rights on 15 April global day of action

BFAWU fast food worker members led the charge for £10 an hour and union rights on 15 April global day of action

US strike pic for 2015 leaflet

Tens of thousands of fast food workers in the US have led strikes involving low paid workers demanding $15 an hour and a union

On Wednesday 13 January, Fast Food Rights will be hosting an forum at parliament, London, with a delegation of US fast food workers and organisers who are leading the inspiring Fight For $15 strike movement.

The forum will see the US fast food workers sharing a platform with UK fast food workers, sharing experiences on a panel discussion. They will be joined on the panel by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, who founded the Fast Food Rights campaign alongside the BFAWU bakers’ union in 2014, and other leading figures from the trade union and anti-austerity movement.

McDonald’s Whitehall 

FORUM with John McDonnell: 6.30PM

ROOM 8 Parliment Westminster

Tom Woodruff SEIU
Dawn Butler Labour MP Brent Central
John McDonnell Labour Shadow Chancellor
Kevin Rowan TUC
Owen Espley War on Want
Fast food workers from the US and the UK

We are calling on the wider trade union movement for solidarity on the day to support our fast food workers leading the charge for unionisation and £10 an hour.

Bring banners to show the trade union movement is behind them!

FFRs Forum & Protest..Download the PDF to print leaflets here

The reason for the US delegation is that as part of the global campaign by fast food workers, the US campaign is helping to organise a press event in Brussels on 12 January.


Unions and allies will be gathering in Brussels to press their case at the EU that McDonald’s must reform its practices towards workers, consumers, and society as whole. UK fast food workers and BFAWU delegates will take part in the Brussels event, but the main focus for us all will be the event in London the following day, 13 January.


Protest and Forum supported by

Unite the Resistance
Youth Fight for Jobs
Unite Hotel Workers’ Branch London


War on Want
Disabled People Against Cuts
Thompsons Soliciters
Walkers union /Slater and Gordon
Labour Representation Committee


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