MayDay McStrike Success

McStrike_061On International Workers Day (01 May 2018) workers at five McDonald’s stores went on strike to demand £10 an hour, and an end to youth rates; the option of guaranteed hours and for their right to a union to be respected.

The day was a massive success as McDonald’s workers took a stand for justice, and the public and politicians came out to show their support. It showed that the McStrike is only going to grow until McDonald’s treats its workers with the respect they deserve.  

Walk Out: The day started shortly after midnight when Blaz Mesner, a slovenian McDonald’s worker,  walked off his shift in Manchester.

He was met by a loud and noisy reception of supporters.  One supporter, Jodie Boy, a delegate from Hull Trades Council made the journey specially to express his support:

Many others came out to show their support, including Lynn Collins from the North West TUC, and Manchester,  Salford and Hull Trades Councils, and Labour Students. 

Manchester Morning Picket: There was little sleep in Manchester as workers  came back to picket their store in the morning. Amongst the supporters was Natalie Bennett (former leader of the Green Party).

Cambridge:   The picket line in Cambridge was well attended, briding the ‘town and gown’ divide  with students from Cambridge Defend Education, and the university lecturers’ union UCU amongst many who came to show their support.

Crayford Picket: In Crayford, McDonald’s workers were going on strike for the second time.

Watford Demonstration. By midday workers from all five stores came together in Watford, the home town of multimillionaire Global CEO Steve Easterbrook.  

Laura Pidcock the shadow Labour Minister for labour, herself a former McDonald’s worker, spoke powerfully about the change that is needed. 

Richard Shattock, a McDonalds worker from Watford spoke about the inequality at the heart of McDonald’s business model:

Online there was a tidal wave of support for the McStrikers:   Including messages from around the world: McDonald’s workers showed their support:

Parliamentarians also spoke out in support:

Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner raised the issue in Westminster.

The Media: The strike hit the headlines across the UK: 


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