McStrike says MeToo: Launches Campaign Against Sexual Harassment at McDonald’s

Immediate release:

  • Uk McDonald’s worker travels to US to join MeToo protest outside McDonald’s HQ
  • McStrike to launch campaign against sexual harassment.
  • US workers to go on strike during McDonald’s shareholder meeting joined by US Democratic presidential candidates.

A UK McDonald’s worker, Christine Hayes from South London has travelled to the US to call out McDonald’s culture of sexual harassment and stand up for UK McDonald’s workers who face sexual harassment. She will join other workers who have been victims of sexual harassment whilst working at McDonalds in a protest outside the Global company’s HQ on Tuesday 21st May.

Her actions will launch a new phase in the McStrike campaign to tackle sexual harassment in stores. Christine is a member of the Bakers’, Food and Allied Workers’ Union [BFAWU] who’s McStrike campaign has seen McDonald’s workers strike for the first time Uk calling for £10 an hour, guaranteed hours, and for a union.

Ian Hodson, President of the BFAWU said:

“Our union has been speaking to workers in McDonald’s up and down the UK, they are telling us that sexual harassment is common-place. Complaints get swept under the carpet and workers are often victimised for raising these issues. McDonald’s deals with sexual harassment by moving abusive managers from one store to another. Workers are paid compensation on the condition they sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure the the issue stays hidden.”

Christine Hayes, 30, a McDonald’s worker from south london Who suffered sexual harassment  said:

“I am in the US to stand with other McDonalds’ workers to challenge the culture of sexual harassment that exists in McDonald’s. It’s time for McDonald’s to stop ignoring this problem and act.

“My message to all McDonald’s workers who like me have suffered sexual harassment is that we believe you and we are on your side. By coming together in a union we can have the power to create change in our working environment. It’s time to say no more to sexual harassment.”  

“Nobody should have to go to work and be told to “put up” with sexual harassment or told “you better have evidence” by their manager like I was. I’m going to McDonalds HQ because I want them to recognise they have a problem and act to solve it. I don’t want anyone to experience what I went through. It’s the least you can expect that when you go to work you are safe”.

US McDonald’s workers in the “Fight for $15 and a Union” movement are going on strike Thursday, 23 May 2019. during McDonald’s annual shareholder meeting.  US Democratic Presidential candidates Cory Booker, Julián Castro, & Jay Inslee will join #FightFor15 workers on strike lines at events across the US. Bernie Sanders will host a video town hall with McDonald’s workers protesting outside the company’s shareholder meeting.

US McDonald’s workers in the ‘Fight for $15 and a union’ campaign have raised the issue of sexual harassment in their stores for over three years. They have spoken out, filed complaints and gone on strike over the issue. The end of 2018 also saw women in the Fight for $15 movement demonstrating in 10 US cities over sexual harassment in the workplace – the first known US strike over sexual harassment in over 100 years.

Notes to Editors:

  • For further information please contact Owen Espley on 07861362797 / oespley [@]
  • Background to the #McStrike:
    • 04 September 2018, McDonald’s workers organised in the BFAWU made history when members at two McDonald’s stores went on strike for £10 an hour, an end to zero hour contracts and for their right a union, winning a ten year record pay rise.
    • 01 May 2018, (International Workers Day) workers at five McDonald’s stores went out on strike.
    • 04 October 2018: Workers at McDonalds were joined in taking strike action with workers in Wetherspoons, TGI fridays, Uber Eats and Deliveroo in the Fast Food Shutdown 4-10 protesting against poverty pay and insecure work in the fast food sector.
  • The BFAWU is the largest independent trade union in the food sector in the British Isles and spearheads the The McStrike and Fast Food Rights They aim to ensure fast food workers have the right to a fair wage and decent working conditions across the country.

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