After first historic McStrike day – rush solidarity and help spread the action!

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Making history

On Monday 4 September, a brave 40 McDonald’s workers at stores in Crayford (south east London) and Cambridge made history. They walked out on the first ever McDonald’s strike in the UK, following the footsteps of tens of thousands of fast food workers across the US, where Fight for $15 has organised a mass movement of strikes, and in New Zealand, where fast food workers now have union recognition and won a victory over zero hours contracts.

McStrikers visit BA strike demonstration to bring solidarity

Zimeon from the Unite BA cabin crew strike returns solidarity to McStrikers on the day of their action

The media coverage has been incredible, telling and retelling the McStrikers’ story as a David and Golliath tale – a small group of ‘precarious’ workers standing up to a notorious multi-national giant corporation for the simple demands of a £10 an hour minimum wage, for guaranteed hours contracts, for an end to the most appalling bullying management, and fundamentally, for union rights.

Cambridge McStrikers share a group hug at the end of a very long day!

As a result of taking this bold step to stand up and strike, the workers have experienced a sense of what a union is–workers organising and coming together collectively to achieve what they cannot achieve on their own as individuals.

They have seen that both at a store level in their workplaces, and on a national scale.


On the day the strike ballot result was announced, McDonald’s announced that it would deliver on its previous promises – offering a guaranteed hours contract to every one of its employees – by the end of 2017.

TUC leader Frances O’Grady gets her selfie with the McStrikers at TUC Congress

#McStrike has made an impact much greater than within the company and those stores.

It has blown out the water the notion that workers in precarious conditions cannot organise and strike.

And it has created a positive pressure across the rest of the established trade union movement, at a time when the issue of pay is a central focus in the political arena.

McStrikers speak to a fascinated and inspired group of TUC delegates

McStrike has posed the question inside the wider trade union movement –

“If McDonald’s workers can strike over pay, then why can’t the rest of us?”

On the day of the strike, the #McSolidarity protests that were organised at MCDonald’s around the country gave a big boost to those striking, but also crucially led to McDonald’s workers joining around the country.

Stay tuned for the next steps in McStrike – they are set to escalate and spread the action, and they need your solidarity then, and right now!

McStriker Tyrone, 17, gives a moving speech on his experience and how £10 an hour could transform his life


It’s on! Get behind the 4 September #McStrike

McDonald’s workers balloted at Crayford (south east London) and Cambridge stores have voted by an incredible 95.7 percent for strikes, and their BFAWU bakers’ union has now named Monday 4 September as the first strike day. 

A strike committee of workers met and decided to go for the date for their historic action–the first ever strike at McDonald’s in the UK.

The workers taking this bold step need the URGENT solidarity of the wider trade union movement. Please give generously now to their strike fund HERE

Please also rush messages of support, encouragement and solidarity for the workers to 

Already, just by voting to strike and organising in the union, the workers have gained an impressive shift from McDonald’s–who have stated only now after the strike vote that by the end of 2017 they will implement the twice promised offer of a guaranteed hours contract to every UK McDonald’s worker. The workers and BFAWU rightly want this signed off, but it is a major victory for the some 80,000 workers at McDonald’s and shows what getting organised, joining a union and taking action can do.

The strike remains on, over a number of grievances at the two workplaces, and the workers are also fighting for £10 an hour minimum wage now, union recognition, and for the demand on scrapping zero hours contracts to be implemented.

What’s happening and how you can support?


Pass this #McStrike MODEL MOTION to back the strike

Give urgently and generously to the #McStrike Fund

Get the iconic #McStrike T-shirt the McStrikers are set to wear during their historic action HERE 


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On the Saturday before the strike, 2 September, BFAWU is holding a protest at McDonald’s HQ in East Finchley, north London. We are calling on solidarity from the wider movement on this day, with banners, collections etc, brought along in support. Join and share the Facebook page for the protest HERE.

On the day of the strike, Monday 4 September, workers at the Cambridge site will picket from 6 – 7am, while workers at the Crayford site will picket from 6 – 7.30am.

The strikers and their supporters will then come together outside parliament at 10.30/11am for a rally, speakers include Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. Stay posted for details of what will be happening after the rally. We are asking for maximum support possible with banners and supporters gathering at the rally, and for local activists and anyone who can to show their support at picket lines where possible too.

Outside London, we are calling for solidarity protests/ leafletings at McDonald’s stores in localities (see list of those organised so far below and send us details of any your planning). Guidance for solidarity actions on the day:

HERE is a leaflet for workers in the store. A petition to gather contact details of workers interested in getting involved is HEREPlacards to use on the day are: #McStrike placard1 and #McStrike placard2 And a leaflet to give to passers by and the public is HERE

Mostly we’d like a visible presence with the materials OUTSIDE the store, with at some point a couple of activists going in to leaflet the workers on shift, and if they sign the petition, for any contact details to be sent to the campaign centrally so we can follow up. It’s important to make sure the workers know any presence is fully supportive of the workers.

Contacting local MPs, councillors, community campaigns and union branches etc is always good, and sometimes getting any supporters from there to say a few words on a megaphone outside is useful to show the broad base of support for the workers.

It’s always good to take pictures and short videos so they can be shared and give the workers taking action more confidence. We are @FastFoodRights on twitter, and will be using #McStrike and #FastFoodGlobal , so it’s good to have someone or a few people allocated to make sure pictures and videos are tweeted there so the impact of the solidarity action is greater. Please send the details of any local action once they are ready to and we will publicise on the website.


#McStrike #McSolidarity protests on 4 September:


McDonald’s @ King’s Cross / Pentonville Road

At lunchtime, 12PM-2PM, there will be a McStrike solidarity demonstration with friends and comrades from different unions and community campaigns across Central London. It will be outside the McDonald’s in King’s Cross (302-304 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross N1 9XD). Come along to show some solidarity, to inform workers, customers and passers-bys about the strike. Together we can make this strike powerful in our communities too, and let McDonald’s workers know there is a strong movement with them! Join the Facebook page for the event HERE


5pm, McDonald’s Manchester
Picadilly Gardens Mcdonalds, M1 1LY Manchester

Join the Facebook page HERE


5 PM – 6 PM, McDonalds Unit 4 Cherry Street

Temple Row, Birmingham, B2 5AL

Join the Facebook page HERE


Gleadless Valley branch of Heeley (Sheffield) CLP and Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise campaign are organising solidarity action for 4 September at McDonald’s branch in Heeley constituency, probably 2 stints one lunchtime and one tea time. See details HERE


Join the Liverpool #McSolidarity protest, 4-6pm outside the McDonalds on Lord Street in the city centre (82/86 Lord St, Liverpool L2 1TL). Join the Facebook page HERE 


6 – 7PM, McDonald’s, Cornmarket Street, Oxford, OX1 3HB

Join the Facebook page HERE


5 PM – 7 PM, Mcdonalds, Queen street
12-14 Queen St, W2 4 Cardiff

Join the Facebook page HERE


6pm at the McDonald’s on Western Road and on London Road


12 – 2PM outside McDonald’s in the town centre in Bank Hey St FY1 4PX


Milton Keynes Monday 4 September

from 12pm McDonalds, the Centre MK, 52-56 Midsummer Blvd.

Organised with Unite Community and MK Momentum


Calderdale Trades Council is organising a #McStrike #McSolidarity protest on:

Monday 4 September, Midday – 2pm, outside McDonald’s
22/24 Old Market, Halifax HX1 1TN

Please join us if you can. We also intend to leaflet workers at other McDonald’s branches in Calderdale afterwards.


MONDAY 4th September 12.00 until 13.00 McDonald’s Clacton Town Center. Leafleting in Support of the McDonalds workers Strike.BFAWU bakers’ union has now named Monday 4 September as the first strike day.


#McSolidarity leafletings 8am to 10am: See details HERE

Fast Food Rights national day of action for £10 an hour and union rights: 4 September: Get behind fast food workers!

On Monday 4 September, a national day of action is being called by the BFAWU bakers’ union led Fast Food Rights campaign.

IMG_20170701_145738 (1)

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell – who founded the campaign along with BFAWU – meets with McDonald’s workers on the July People’s Assembly march this year

The Fast Food Rights campaign, where fast food workers have been organising into the union behind the demand for £10 an hour and union rights, emerged as part of a #FastFoodGlobal campaign, spearheaded by the US Fight for $15 strike movement that has sparked inspiration all around the world as hundreds of thousands of fast food and other low waged workers have struck back, taking on the plight of poverty pay and lack of respect at work.

Here in the UK, a key focus for the campaign where fast food workers are now getting organised has been the demand for a £10 an hour minimum wage for all, now Labour party policy and a central policy in its 2017 election manifesto. Workers are also fighting for union recognition, in an industry notorious for poor working practices, appalling conditions and low pay. And after a fanfare of announcements in the press earlier this year, McDonald’s are yet to deliver on their promise to offer all its workforce the right to a guaranteed hours contract. Workers therefore are continuing their battle to end zero hours contracts.

These key demands, along with the fundamental struggle for dignity and respect at work, will be the focuses for the day of action. On the day, a major action will take place in London where fast food workers are calling on the wider trade union and anti-austerity movement to join them in solidarity.

Outside London, solidarity protests are encouraged. Please send any details of anything organised in your area to, along with urgent messages of support for fast food workers who are also currently balloting for strikes at McDonald’s over a failure to meet health and safety concerns, failure to address the issue of reduction in hours, and failure to address workers’ grievances over bullying. See more details on the McDonald’s workers’ strike ballot here

Back the strike fund here


Uk McDonald’s workers begin ballot to strike

London, 31 July 2017


UK McDonald’s workers are set to strike over the company’s failure to deal with
grievances related to drastic cuts to employee hours and bullying in the workplace – viewed by some as a punishment for joining a union.

Support the strike fund here

Alongside this, workers are dissatisfied with McDonald’s for failing to deliver on the
contracts they have been promised which were set to end the use of zero-hour terms.
Attempting to live on low wages, with no guaranteed hours, has meant that some employees have found themselves unable to meet their rent payments and out of their homes as a result.

Many workers have said they feel they have no alternative but to take action due to this
unfair treatment, and in line with their basic workplace rights and company procedures.

The Bakers’, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) have notified McDonald’s that 40
workers at 2 stores will be balloted, with a view to authorising a strike later this year.

The UK McDonald’s strike is part of a growing global movement advocating for the fair
and decent treatment of workers.


Last Friday, the Bakers’, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU), notified McDonald’s of
the BFAWU’s decision to ballot 40 McDonald’s employees at two London stores.

The ballot– if successful – will authorise a strike amongst workers in London.

image (1)

McDonald’s workers meet with Jeremy Corbyn to discuss their campaign for £10 an hour and union rights

Workers will also be calling for a fair wage of £10 per hour, and the recognition of their
right to form a trade union as employees of the company. Although McDonald’s are one of the UK’s largest employers, and most recognizable global corporations, employees are subjected to insecure, deliberately difficult, conditions – working full-time for low-wage


The strike forms part of a growing global workers movement fighting for fairness. In the
USA, McDonald’s have come under significant pressure as part of the “Fight for $15” campaign – supported by the Service Employee’s International Union (SEIU). More than 10 million workers in the USA find themselves currently on the path to $15 an hour as a result of the efforts of the campaign.

McDonald’s workers in the UK are now fighting to achieve the same impressive results as
their transatlantic colleagues, starting with a fair, £10 an hour, wage and the right to form a trade union.

Tom Holliday, a McDonald’s worker at the Cambridge store said:
“McDonald’s is a multinational corporation with unacceptable working conditions. We are asking to be treated with dignity and to be paid a decent wage, and for our right to form a union to be recognized by our employer. McDonald’s must consider reinvesting its huge amount of net profits back into its work force. We believe it is our right to ask for a fair treatment for the hard work we perform.”

Shen Batmaz, a McDonald’s worker at the Crayford store said:
“In spite of being a global giant and a household name, the conditions McDonald’s
workers are subjected to across the world are simply not up to scratch. This strike in the
UK is part of a global movement advocating for fair salaries and decent working
conditions. McDonald’s should listen to all its employees around the world, and take
immediate action.”

About BFAWU:
The Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) is the largest independent Trade
Union in the food sector in the British Isles. The BFAWU works to ensure that employees are secure and safe in their workplace – and that they are paid an equitable wage for the work they do.

In the UK, the BFAWU have spearheaded the ‘Fast Food Rights’ campaign. This works
to ensure that fast food workers have the right to a fair wage and decent working conditions across the country.

Benoit Roussel, gplus europe: +32 496 38 46 33
James English, gplus europe: +44 7747 300800


‘How we defeated zero hours contracts’: 14 May Forum with New Zealand & UK fast food workers

14 May FFRs forum jpeg for online UPDATE

On Saturday 14 May, the BFAWU Fast Food Rights campaign is hosting a forum discussing how workers have organised to defeat zero hours contracts.

Fast Food Rights is a campaign that’s part of a global movement of fast food workers and their unions. The campaign has strong links with the incredible Fight For $15 strike movement in America, but also with fast food unions and workers in around 40 countries around the world.

In March this year, fast food workers in New Zealand (NZ)won a very significant victory.

Through union organising, fast food strikes and a vibrant political campaign, zero hours contracts will be outlawed in NZ from April this year.

On 14 April, 2016, fast food workers in UK took part in a global day of action. They dressed as evil Ronald McDonald's and held a 'precarious work picnic' outside a major McDonald's in Glasgow, where a new BFAWU bakers' union fast food workers' branch is growing

On 14 April, 2016, fast food workers in UK took part in a global day of action. They dressed as evil Ronald McDonald’s and held a ‘precarious work picnic’ outside a major McDonald’s in Glasgow, where a new BFAWU bakers’ union fast food workers’ branch is growing

Here in UK, McDonald’s announced, a day after fast food workers joined a global day of action against McDonald’s, that it would offer all staff a contract of 4, 16 or 30 hours.

On 14 May, Fast Food Rights is hosting a delegation of NZ fast food workers to share the lessons of their successful campaign.