As McDonald’s workers take a stand against the world’s second largest private employer, anything you can do to show your solidarity will help boost their confidence.

Lewis Baker, a McDonald’s worker in Crayford, said:

“Every message of support builds our confidence as we stand up to this bullying company and demand a fair wage and respect on the job. When we stand on the picket line we are standing up for everyone. When we win everyone wins! Get your McStrike on and show your McSolidarity!”

We’ve put together the following list of actions to help show your McSolidarity. 

1. Publicise and mobilise for the pickets – if you are in the area of one of the pickets then do come along to show your support. Please do share on social media:

2. Travel to the Demonstration in Watford (12:00-13:30, Watford High St):

McStrikers will come together to demonstrate in Watford, the hometown of multi-millionaire global CEO Steve Easterbrook.
3) Show your McSolidarity on on Social Media:
  • Share on Facebook
  • Share on Twitter
4) Follow the McStrike on Social Media 
Re-Tweet and share your support. You can follow the McStrike here:

Remember to use the #McStrike Hashtag.

5) Change your profile picture on social media (and encourage others to do the same).

a) Right click here.

b) Click on Save Link As (remember where you saved it!)

c) Go to your social media profile and hover over your profile picture

d) Click Update Profile Picture

e) Upload the photo from where you’ve saved it

f) Click Save

6) Get your trade union branch to pass a motion of support:
There is a draft motion here. (If you are not a member of a trade union, join one!)
7) Donate to the McStrike strike fund#McStrike Fund 
8)  If you have skills as a designer, photographer or videographer, then do get in touch.
9) Resources: the following resources are available to use.

Hungry for justice placard BW

15 feb day of action for workers ii

15 February day of action leaflet for public

fast food rights logo rgb

Sign up sheet

BFAWU membership form/15 february day of action

Your rights at work / BFAWU membership form




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