Volunteer Drivers Needed in London

Since 2017 McDonald’s workers have been organisng and striking for better. They are winning and have already won record pay rises and guaranteed hours.  

If McDonald’s was a country it would be the 68th biggest economy in the world, bigger than countries such as Bulgaria, Myanmar and Uruguay.  

All the resources at McDonald’s disposal are being utilized to stop workers winning their union and a living wage of £15 an hour.   

Despite McDonald’s efforts, workers are getting organised, but financial instability and chaotic lives caused by low pay and insecure work make meetings of workers hard to bring together.  

Workers need your help,

The BFAWU are looking for volunteer drivers in London to help bring workers together so they can meet and build their strength.

  • Can you help?
  • Do you have access to a car, and some free time?

This is a great opportunity to be involved in McStrike and to meet and inspire brave workers standing up and improving work for everyone,

Cost of petrol covered and food and drink provided for all volunteers

We promise to keep your information private, and will NOT sell your details. If you do want to change the way you receive our information just let us know by replying to any email or text we send you.