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  • Owen Espley Mobile: 07861 362 797 / oespley [@]

Previous Media Releases:

20 September 2018: Hospitality Workers to Strike Together on Thursday October 4th

17 September 2018: Wetherspoons responds to Brighton workers’ strike ballot by bringing pay award forward. 

30 August 2018: “McStrike” Union to Ballot JD Wetherspoon Workers on Industrial Action

31 July 2018: Fast food workers burned on the job urged to join #McBurned camapign

18 April 2018: McStrike: McDonald’s Workers call for McSolidarity on International Workers’ Day

15 April: McStrike to Spread Across UK on May Day

06 April 2018: McStrike: Ballot for Strike Action at six McDonald’s Stores Across the UK. 

01 September 2017 McDonald’s UK Workers to strike for the first time in history

Selection of Recent Media Coverage:

20 September 2018: Wetherspoons Strike: Why Staff are Taking Action for First Time

20 September 2018: Wetherspoon’s and McDonald’s staff to strike together

26 June 2018: “If you don’t take them on globally, you won’t win” – how Fight for $15 in the US inspired the UK’s McStrike

01 June 2018:Young people are leading a growing movement against low pay and precarious work

01 May 2018: Why I’m on McStrike: ‘£10 an hour would change our lives’

18 April2018: Super-sized lies: How the Sun tried and failed to smear the #McStrike

03 April 2018: Whispers of another McDonald’s strike are circulating – this time in more stores and more cities

16 February 2018: Meet the McDonald’s Workers Battling for a living wage as millionaire global boss enjoys 369% pay rise.





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